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Raiders II and the Rooms of Doom

Deep in the nearby forest lies a legendary tale of greed, mystery and buried treasure.

The Story

Dutch pirate, David Marteen and his band of buccaneers, sailed up the Farmington River in 1655 and settled near Salmon Brook in what is now present-day Granby, Connecticut. But they didn’t stay long. After being accosted by the locals, Marteen and his pirates sailed away, leaving behind an enormous amount of buried treasure they had pillaged from the Caribbean years prior. With the intent of one day returning, Marteen left five marked stones that would lead him back to his hidden prized possession.

...But he never made it back alive.

The Mission

You are a team of treasure hunters that has stumbled across an abandoned cabin near Salmon Brook that may hold the secrets to Marteen’s lost treasure. But there are other interested parties afoot. Can you decipher the clues, solve the puzzles and find the treasure before it’s too late?




2-15 Players



Hard Difficulty Level



Great for large groups and more experienced players


This is our most complex and difficult Adventure. It is best suited for larger team sizes or more experienced players.

REACT Premium Escape Rooms

Room Escape Adventures CT has been servicing the cities of Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA and the surrounding areas since 2017. We strive to provide the most immersive and exciting escape room experience possible. Whether you're a first time Adventurer or a seasoned escape room enthusiast, our unique combination of puzzles, riddles, set designs and special effects, will give you an experience unlike any other.

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