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Each Adventure is a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted experience with unique puzzles and challenges, theater-quality sets, and an atmosphere you won't find anywhere else. 

Raiders 2 and the Rooms of Doom Man in Cave

Raiders II and the Rooms of Doom

Adventure Awaits.


Deep in the nearby forest lies a legendary tale of greed, mystery and buried treasure. Unravel this centuries old tale in our largest, most complex Adventure.

The Haunted Mansion: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

The Haunted Mansion:
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

The Game is on.

Unravel the mystery and test your detective skills in this spooky, super-natural Adventure.

The Hungover Games beer pong

The Hungover Games

It's party time!


Party game inspired challenges are seamlessly woven together with escape room puzzles in this comically challenging Adventure.

The Strangest Things portal to another dimension

The Strangest Things

Something strange is happening...


Secret government agencies. Mind control experiments. Monsters from another dimension. 
Transport your gaming experience into another dimension of excitement in this conspiracy theory driven Adventure.

Jurassic Jungle T Rex Skull

Jurassic Jungle

An Adventure eons in the making.


You and your team must venture into the jungle and work together to survive against the most ferocious predators ever to walk the earth. Will you make it out alive? 

Five Incredible Adventures.
One Unforgettable Experience!

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